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1 uco valley

The Uco Valley: Where Diverse Terroirs Work Their Magic

featured, Argentina

Joaquín Hidalgo, Sep 2023

The mountainous region in the center of the province of Mendoza has enjoyed a boom in investment and vineyard expansion in recent decades. It is now the home of some of the country’s most accomplished efforts to make wines with an authentic sense of place. Thanks to in-depth studies of local terroirs and an increasingly diverse range, the Uco Valley produces some of Argentina's most interesting wines.

Argentina mountain whites 3

The Age of Mountain Whites: Enjoying the Altitude

featured, Argentina

Joaquín Hidalgo, Jul 2023

A small revolution is taking place in the white wines of Argentina, particularly in the higher areas of the Uco Valley, on the cold, sunny slopes of the Mendozan Andes. In this report, I take a look at the best of the new wave of Argentine whites.

Chile 2023 cover2

Chile: Thinking Outside The Box

featured, Chile

Joaquín Hidalgo, Jun 2023

Readers are likely familiar with Chile’s rich, fruity reds. Beyond that, wine lovers will find a number of bottles that speak to a country with a vast range of landscapes and styles. Inspired whites and reds offer new profiles, many of which are worth getting to know.

Chile hr cover

The Harvest in Chile: A Two-Sided Vintage

featured, Chile

Joaquín Hidalgo, May 2023

The 2023 harvest in Chile had two very different sides, depending on location. For most, it was a hot, dry year marred by forest fires in the south, from Maule to BioBio. Producers will remember 2023 as a vintage where the greatest conundrum was deciding the right time to pick.

 abt2435 copy

The 2023 Harvest in Argentina: Throwing Out the Playbook

featured, Argentina

Joaquín Hidalgo, May 2023

The 2023 season was uneven, marked by frosts, extreme heat and more unpredictable weather caused by the La Niña phenomenon. To succeed this year, producers had to throw out the playbook and improvise.

2 ldc

Luján de Cuyo: Old Vines and a Patchwork of Soils

featured, Argentina

Joaquín Hidalgo, Jan 2023

Luján de Cuyo is a historic region that is reinventing itself and looking to a terroir-based future. This report covers the relaunch of the first D.O.C. in South America, several new Malbecs and a handful of old vintages, exploring how a region with much to offer is making the most of its best qualities.

4 argentina 2022

Argentina: Making It Work with Resilience and Stylistic Ingenuity

featured, Argentina

Joaquín Hidalgo, Nov 2022

In an uncertain world, resilience and ingenuity have allowed Argentine producers to assemble a delicious patchwork of wines from the ends of the earth. This report shares the latest news from the terroirs of the Uco Valley, offers tips about some alternative varieties from the east of Mendoza, highlights up-and-coming regions to look out for and presents an in-depth look at a handful of new trends and styles, reflecting a scene as varied as it is alluring.

Img 20211103 122405651 cover copy

Vibrant Whites from the Cool Terroirs of Argentina

featured, Argentina

Joaquín Hidalgo, Aug 2022

Argentina is enjoying a resurgence in white wines. After several decades in which the focus has been on reds, producers have been exploring new, creative territory based on bringing out the best of the country’s cool, continental sites. The result has been an explosion in new approaches, several of which have produced excellent wines, but others have not fared so well.

Chadwick bottle shot

Viñedo Chadwick: 21 Years of Cabernet Sauvignon from Puente Alto

featured, Verticals & Retrospectives, Chile

Joaquín Hidalgo, Aug 2022

In South America, some wines tell a story while others represent an entire era. There is no doubt that in Chile, Viñedo Chadwick is one of the latter. On my last trip to the country, I had the opportunity to explore 21 chapters of that tale, from beginning to end. Here is a journey through both the style of this Cabernet Sauvignon and the history of a terroir that has earned its name in Maipo.

Img 20220310 134014742 hdr copy

A Quarter of a Century in Chile: A Vertical Tasting of Seña

featured, Verticals & Retrospectives, Chile

Joaquín Hidalgo, Aug 2022

What were you doing 25 years ago? A quarter of a century is a good chunk of anyone’s life, but time is always a matter of perspective. Whereas for some old-world producers 25 years can go by in the blink of an eye, in South America it represents an eternity. It’s hard to organize a vertical tasting that can adequately tell that story. But it is not impossible.