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Dry farmed zinfandel vines at lone madrone copy

Paso Robles: Boundless Diversity

featured, United States: California

Eric Guido, May 2023

There’s real momentum and energy that can be felt in Paso Robles. Even through the struggles of drought, heat and smoke, the best producers have found a way to prevail. Paso is a region geared to surpass consumer expectations, with a broad range of varieties, world-class wines and a welcoming atmosphere for tourists and wine lovers alike.

High altitude vineyards in bozen  alto adige copy

Trentino-Alto Adige: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Italy: North, featured

Eric Guido, May 2023

Is there such a thing as too much good wine? In Trentino-Alto Adige, there may be. Quality is exceptionally high, prices are incredibly fair, and producers continue to raise the bar. However, consumers have to navigate a multilingual system and wade through an ocean of entry-level wines to get to the best the region has to offer.

1   in the vineyards of borgo del tiglio copy

Pride and Tradition: The Friulian Way

Italy: North, featured

Eric Guido, Apr 2023

Friuli-Venezia Giulia’s potential is evident every time I visit and taste with winemakers. A melting pot of traditions, cultures and terroirs, Friuli-Venezia Giulia is capable of producing world-class wines from a staggering list of indigenous and international grape varieties. However, the region faces many hurdles in fully realizing that potential at a higher level.

1 looking out across valpolicella from the high elevations of the maternigo vineyard of tedeschi copy

Veneto: The Land of Opportunity

Italy: North, featured

Eric Guido, Mar 2023

Veneto is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Amarone is achieving a newfound balance, Valpolicella is seeking more refinement, and Soave increasingly emphasizes terroir-driven, expressive wines. In addition, the interior areas boast a number of under-the-radar gems, making Veneto a region to get genuinely excited about.

Looking out across modigliana toward the apennines and tuscany copy

Emilia-Romagna: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Italy: Center & South, featured

Eric Guido, Mar 2023

While Lambrusco is still king in Emilia, over in Romagna, a few wineries are showing the heights Sangiovese can reach if treated properly. The best part is that these lesser-known wines continue to offer great value in the market.

The sagebrush block in the weather eye vineyard copy

Against All Odds: Washington State’s 2020s and 2019s

featured, United States: Washington

Eric Guido, Mar 2023

In the face of many challenges, Washington State winemakers are working hard to prove the quality of their wines and terroir. Battling the conditions of the 2020 vintage is just the tip of the iceberg. This is winemaking in the extreme.

Colline san biagio vineyards in carmignano copy

Touring Tuscany: Carmignano, Montecucco and Beyond

Italy: Tuscany, featured

Eric Guido, Feb 2023

When the average consumer thinks of Italian wine, Tuscany often comes to mind first, whether it’s Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classic, Bordeaux-inspired blends or many of the IGT wines that are now iconic. Tuscany excels with all of them. But there is much more to explore in some of the region’s other appellations.

The historic barrel aging cellar of talosa copy

Terroir and Determination: Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Italy: Tuscany, featured

Eric Guido, Feb 2023

There was a time when Vino Nobile di Montepulciano would have been lumped into an article of assorted Tuscan villages and wines. The work producers have put into improving their wines is increasingly evident. However, there are still hurdles the region needs to cross.

Bdm 2012 cover final

The Pendulum Swings: 2012 Brunello di Montalcino

Italy: Tuscany, featured

Eric Guido, Jan 2023

The 2012 Brunello di Montalcinos immediately appealed to buyers, consumers and restaurant-goers. While warm and dry, 2012 yielded balanced wines, but the big question has always been: how well will they mature over time?

Campo del drago in the extreme northwest at castiglion del bosco copy

2018 Brunello di Montalcino: The Rubik’s Cube Vintage

Italy: Tuscany, featured

Eric Guido, Dec 2022

Was it hot, was it cool, was it dry, was it rainy, was it balanced–is it classic? These are all questions surrounding the 2018 vintage in Montalcino. I’ve watched the 2018s evolve for years, and now, they are ready to hit the market in January. But will consumers be running out to add them to their collections? It’s time to find out.