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Celebrated Wine Critic Neal Martin Joins Vinous as Senior Editor with FAQ (Nov 2017)

Vinous Acquires Delectable and Banquet Apps (Dec 2016)

Vinous Acquires Wine Zine Loam Baby; Author R.H. Drexel Joins Vinous (Sep 2015)

Vinous To Acquire Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar with FAQ (Nov 2014) 

Vinous Announces Partnership With CellarTracker (Sep 2014)

Antonio Galloni Announces Launch of Vinous Mobile Site (Oct 2013)

Recent Press Coverage:

Neal Martin Leaves The Wine Advocate For Vinous, The Drinks Business (Nov 2017)

The 13 Best Wines for Fall: Vinous Founder Antonio Galloni Shares His Top Picks, Forbes (Sep 2017)

An Interactive App and Website for Wine Lovers, How To Spend It (Sep 2017)

Antonio Galloni's Delectable Wine App Launches New Premium Version, Wine Industry Advisor (Jul 2017)

An App That Puts Wine Reviews in Your Pocket, New York Times (Dec 2016)

Antonio Galloni Acquires Delectable, The Drinks Business (Dec 2016)

Why Knowing About Wine Can Close a Business Deal, (Feb 2016)

You Shouldn’t Drink Champagne Out of Those Fancy Flutes, Huffington Post (Feb 2016)

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"Four Seasons Restaurateur to Pop Pricey Bubbly When Lease Ends” , Page Six, New York Post (Feb 2015)

The Tragic Flute: Why You're Drinking Champagne All Wrong, Bloomberg (Dec 2014)

Wine Publishing Platform Vinous Acquires Critically Acclaimed International Wine Cellar, Forbes (Nov 2014)

What We Really Taste When We Drink Wine, Maria Konnikova, New Yorker (Jul 2014)

How to Tune into a Wine's Prime Drinking Time, Lettie Teague, Wall Street Journal (Jul 2014)

"[Vinous] is also beautifully designed and a tremendous resource for those of us interested in the wines of Italy, Champagne, Burgundy and California." Respected wine writer Richard Jennings' Profile of Antonio Galloni & published in Epicure & (Apr 2014)

Tuscany in the City: Antonio Galloni's Vinous Hosts Wine Tasting and Dinner at Del Posto, Robb Report (Apr 2014)

How To Build A Wine Cellar: Antonio Galloni offers tips for stocking wines that improve in taste and value over the years, Town & Country Magazine (Apr 2014)

Galloni's Perfect Barolo Trio, Wine Searcher (Jan 2014)

Recent interviews:

Vinous App Offers On-Demand Wine Reviews, WSJ Video (Dec 2015)

Wine: What's Hot and What's Not?, "Market Makers” with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle, Bloomberg TV (Jun 2015)

I'll Drink To That Podcast With Levi Dalton (Jan 2015)

Vinous to Buy International Wine Cellar, "Market Makers” with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle, Bloomberg TV (Nov 2014)

Discussing the 2014 hailstorm in Burgundy, Taking Stock with Pimm Fox, Bloomberg Radio (Jul 2014)

"Usher In Summer With a Glass of Wine" Street Smart with Trish Regan (Jun 2014)

Vinous Media's virtual wine tours are the next best thing to being there, Wine with Me with Tracy Byrnes, Fox News (Mar 2014)

Discussing Vinous, wine writing and Californian wine, Market Makers with Erik Schatzker and Alix Steel, Bloomberg Television (Feb 2014)

Discussing how to select wine and which glassware to use for Champagne, Wining and Dining with Rosanna Scotto, Fox 5 (5:00 onwards) (Feb 2014)

Discussing the rising demand for Italian wine, Markets Now with Tracy Byrnes, Fox Business Network (Jan 2014)

Discussing Vinous and wine choices for the holidays, Taking Stock with Pimm Fox, Bloomberg Television (Dec 2013)

Extensive interview, Liv-ex (Dec 2013) (The Fine Wine Stock Market)

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Wine Critics Jancis Robinson And Antonio Galloni On The Power Of Smell, Forbes (Oct 2013)

Extensive interview, I'll Drink to That (Oct 2013) - Weekly wine podcast

Other press highlights

“My motivation has always been, how do you bring people closer to wine, how do you make stories tangible?’’
A New Web Venture for Antonio Galloni 
New York Times - Eric Asimov - 12 February 2013

"The other matter about Galloni is his interest in the dialogue.... ears a little closer to the ground, listening to the drumbeat outside his immediate world."
Why Galloni Matters 
On the Wine Trail In Italy - Alfonso Cevola - 16 February 2013

"In an era where it is common for wine writers to lead with the subjective and sometimes, the damning, Galloni has rallied around the theme of enthusiastic consumption and consideration...Galloni has embraced both the big and bold from California and the traditional from Barolo."
Galloni Leaving Wine Advocate For New Venture 
Eater - Levi Dalton - 12 February 2013

" Time to do his own thing."
Antonio Galloni leaves The Wine Advocate to start his own wine site 
LA Times - S. Irene Virbila - 12 February 2013

"Galloni has tossed himself into the position and offers a somewhat different approach to wine than Parker, less enthralled with power wines. He has expanded the representation of California wines from other regions including Santa Cruz and lesser known varieties"

2nd Annual “Top 100 Most Influential People in the U.S. Wine Industry" – 2013 - Michael Cervin - February 2013

“Galloni is the best, (but) he is untouchable. If he gives your wine a good score you will sell it everywhere." 
On the Wine Trail in Italy - Alfonso Cevola - 21 October 2012

"I turn to his writing repeatedly...his Twitter feed reminds me every day why I love what he does and what I do for a living."
Why Antonio Galloni matters now more than ever
Do Bianchi - Jeremy Parzen - 20 September 2012

"...the views of commentators such as Antonio Galloni...can not only affect the success of a new vintage release, but also the approach by producers."
Points Take on Greater Importance for Prestigious Cuvées 
The Drinks Business - Lucy Shaw - 20 June 2012

" To me what’s really important is to make wine more accessible to people and bring people closer to wine" 
                                                               - Antonio Galloni
In-Depth Interview with Antonio Galloni
NorCal WINE - Fred Swan - 1 March 2012 

"Last year, America’s premier wine critic, Robert Parker, announced to the wine industry that after more than 30 years he was passing the baton of critiquing California wines to MIT Sloan’s own Antonio Galloni."
MIT Sloan Alumni profile - 2012

"By far the youngest among the top echelon of critics, Antonio Galloni is positioned to be the most influential taste-maker for California wines over the next three decades."

Tuning into Antonio Galloni's Palate
NorCal WINE - Fred Swan - 24 October 2012

"Antonio Galloni is a world-famous wine critic whose reviews and opinions influence wine-buying trends all over the world"
Antonio Galloni Interview 
Jetset Magazine - Tom Zenner - 2 July 2012

"A conversation with Antonio Galloni... What you read is pretty much verbatim as it was recorded."
Steve Heimoff  - 27 February 2012

"L’imperatore del vino Parker fa un passo indietro e incorona Galloni" 
"The Emperor of Wine, Parker, takes a step back and crowns Galloni"
CORRIERE DELLA SERA - Luciano Ferraro - 23 February 2012 (Italian)

"Life beyond Parker - California wine eyes a new critical voice"
San Francisco Chronicle - Jon Bonné - 31 July  2011 

"Parker’s Successor May Kill ‘Golden Goose’ for Some Winemakers"
Bloomberg  - Ryan Flinn - 26 April 2011

"To my mind, Antonio Galloni is the greatest English-language authority on Italian wine in the U.S. today."
New York Stories 6: lunch with Antonio Galloni at Marea - DO BIANCHI - Jeremy Parzen - 23 November 2010

"This Former Deutsche Banker Now Has The Best Job Ever"

Business Insider -  Katya Wachtel - 3 June 2011

"Antonio Galloni ha messo in mostra svariati talenti: musicale, finanziario, ed un naso sopraffino."
"Antonio Galloni has demonstrated many talents: music, finance, and a superfine nose."

Conversazione di Gusto - Gambero Rosso - Marco Sabellico - May 2011