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Vinous Table: Angler, San Francisco, CA

Vinous Table, United States: California

Antonio Galloni, Feb 2024

Angler is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Like many routines, what were once regular visits were disrupted by COVID-19. This was my first time back in several years. Perhaps for that reason, I especially enjoyed this dinner.

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Vinous Table: Zoldering, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Netherlands, Vinous Table

Neal Martin, Feb 2024

It had taken five years since opening for me to dine at Zoldering, and it lived up to expectations. Zoldering is really everything you could want in a restaurant unless you crave a luxurious setting or boundary-busting cooking. It’s not that kind of place. This is where you come to meet friends, chill out, drink great wines and eat delicious, well-executed food that you will want to eat again.

Manteca dessert

Vinous Table: Manteca, London, UK

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Feb 2024

Manteca does not quite have the same high profile as its peers, yet it was packed to the rafters, probably more of a lunch venue than an evening. It is not pursuing awards or Michelin stars, and all the better for it. Given the escalation in restaurant prices across London, while Manteca is not inexpensive, it is certainly affordable, and the wide choice of wines will please oenophiles. If you find yourself in the City or around Spitalfields, I heartily recommend this Italian.

La lune trout

Vinous Table: Where Do I Eat In Burgundy?

France: Burgundy, Vinous Table

Neal Martin, Jan 2024

Instead of a series of Vinous Tables, over the holiday season, I wrote a single paragraph on places that I frequent during my annual three or four months in the region. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list, and for reasons of length, I reluctantly exclude Beaujolais and Mâconnais, each bejeweled with their own outstanding restaurants that often offer better value. My selection is listed in order of personal preference. Hopefully, it provides a useful guide. Feel free to add your own.

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Vinous Table: Dorian, London, UK

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Dec 2023

Dorian is a great place to visit for either lunch or dinner. I might prefer the former, but then again, I’ve not been at night. It’s very…Notting Hill.

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Vinous Table: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London, UK

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Dec 2023

It was time to return home after a splendid meal and an overdue catch-up with my host. In retrospect, maybe Hospital Road was more low-key than expected. Maybe misled by its namesake’s showmanship, I had anticipated more razzle-dazzle, but that would be totally surplus to requirements. Is it expensive? For sure, but restaurants at this level are everywhere nowadays, and it’s easy to list pricier places elsewhere in London.

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Vinous Table: FYN, Cape Town, South Africa

Vinous Table, South Africa

Neal Martin, Sep 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed FYN. I appreciated the buzz about the place. There were a couple of dishes where, with background knowledge of Japanese cuisine, I might tweak a couple of things. Still, overall, this kaiseki-Cape fusion is imaginative and, most importantly, delicious.

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Vinous Table: Mountain, London, UK

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Sep 2023

When I caught wind that Anglesey-born chef Tomos Parry planned to open a new restaurant called “Mountain”, well, I could not quell my excitement.

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Vinous Table: 64 Goodge Street, London, UK

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Sep 2023

Overall, 64 Goodge Street is a welcome addition to the capital’s dynamic dining scene. Prices are reasonable, and the décor is tasteful and classy. I always like an open kitchen, and the service is absolutely top-notch. A central location and tempting wine list mean that oenophiles venturing to London will enjoy its take on Gallic cuisine. Plus, of course, no need to look up the address.

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Vinous Table: Planque, London, UK

Vinous Table, United Kingdom

Neal Martin, Jul 2023

Planque is a fine addition to the London dining landscape. There was a buzzy atmosphere and a satisfying feeling of dining a bit geographically off-piste in a hideaway den that only you and your mates know about.