Decemeber 2010 of December 2010

Every year my colleague Josh Raynolds and I each taste upwards of 10,000 new wines,  covering three to five wine categories in great depth in each bimonthly issue of my independent publication, the International Wine Cellar.       
But we've never really had a way to publish notes on other intriguing single bottles that come our way on a regular basis... until now.

On the Second Tuesday of each month, exclusively on WineAccess, we'll provide wine lovers with a list of real wines that offer exceptional value, with full accompanying tasting notes.  By "real" I mean wines made in hands-on fashion by real winemakers, as opposed to strictly commercial, industrially-produced concoctions, which rarely display much individuality. Wines with truly distinctive character - real wines - are nearly always produced in limited quantities.

So in Second Tuesday, you'll find some of our favorite values from past, current and future issues of the IWC as well as captivating wines that fall outside the parameters of IWC coverage - particularly satisfying wines that offer uncommon personality for the price and that can actually be found in the marketplace. Enjoy!