Vinous Map of Sta. Rita Hills

"One of the most unique features of the Sta. Rita Hills is that much of the appellation is defined by mountain ridges that move from west to east, in contrast with other regions in California such as the Santa Lucia Highlands, the West Sonoma Coast and Napa Valley, where mountain formations are closer to southeast to northwest in orientation. This is especially true from the western side of the appellation to roughly the Drum Canyon area, where the formation of mountains changes to a more south to north orientation. In the Sta. Rita Hills, west to east mountain ranges create vineyards that are generally north and south facing, which is unusual for much of California. 

"The Sta. Rita Hills AVA is defined by three mountain ranges and two corridors that run through those ranges. The Purisima Hills mark the northern section of the appellation. The Santa Rita Hills run through the center, while further south, the Santa Rosa Hills define the lower reaches of the AVA. These mountain ranges and the valleys between them play an important role in shaping the vineyards and resulting wines. For example, a quick look at the southern portion of the AVA reveals what is often referred to as a “throat” that starts in the west (around Radian) and then moves east along Santa Rosa Road, channeling fog and cool ocean air along the way. Because of the relatively narrow shape of this land, cooler air is channeled further inland than it is north, where the valley between the Purisima and Santa Rita Hills is much more open."

-- Antonio Galloni, September 2023

The Vineyards of the Sta. Rita Hills AVA Map measures 34"x22". Map folds to 8.5"x11".

The back of the map provides an overview of the region, with a brief history and discussion of geology. Each of the major vineyard sites are discussed, while 3D maps help illuminate the areas being discussed.  

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